Koestler Wrap Up – Final Words

Robert: I like looking at all the different paintings in the spirit level and working with the volunteer coordinators.

Tara: Ashleigh: The first time i discovered Koestler was at college. My first impression was shock and amazement. I was in shock about how beautiful these pieces were. It is a fantastic way to keep yourself grounded so you don’t lose yourself in prison. I never knew in future years i would be here volunteering for this exhibition. My favourite pieces are the lion king with the colourful pieces on it, i was stunned by all the colours that bought the lions face to life and my second favorite was the piece was the lion eater with the dragon because when you get up close i’m amazed by all the equipment and tools available in prison that can make amazing artwork. We’re all just people no matter what, we all need to express yourself properly

Yunzi: I really enjoyed the tours, they did an amazing job. And every tour is special and unique. My favourite piece is property of her majesty the queen/comfort blanket. It really expressed how difficult prisoner life is.

Julie: I really loved this exhibition, i found it to be an eye opener to the creativeness of people who have been incarcerated, i found it really heartwarming be able to share the exhibition to other people and share the inspiration of how creative someone can be on the inside. My favourite pieces are the comfort blanket and the WTF. I enjoy talking to people about the grandfather clock because of how fantastic the piece is. I also love the piece with the felt sweets.

Jane: I have enjoyed really learning about Koestler i hadn’t heard about the trust at all before, and it has been eye opening for me to learn about it. It has been inspiring for me to come in each week the two tours i went on were really interesting, and delivered well and it was fantastic each time even if it was their first tour. I really love the red fish piece I was really sad it wasn’t for sale, i wanted to buy it, i found its relation to freedom beautiful.

Toyin: I don’t know which i like best, I like all of it. I liked coming each week.

Giulia: It was amazing. I had to write an essay about a successful art management piece, and Koestler became what I wanted to write about. I struggled to find a bad thing about the exhibition. My favourite piece was self portrait, i think it is very emblematic, because it represents how important the feedback is from the visitors.

Lawrence: I love the clock as it signifies the time they are in prison and how much time and it makes me realise we do not appreciate how much time we have and it makes me realise how much time you have inside to think and it makes you appreciate life a lot more.

Tara: This exhibition was a new experience for me, I have never been to anything like this before and it was interesting to see people makes things out of nothing with such limited materials. I also found them to be very intelligent people, and I don’t have a favourite, I like all of them!

Bridget (Volunteer coordinator): It has been a real pleasure to work with the volunteers and do my job to the best of my ability and you have all  been a pleasure to be around. It means so much to us that you want to donate our time to such a worthwhile cause.

Lucy (Volunteer coordinator): I have loved getting to know the Koestler trust exceptionally well during this opportunity. I have loved the intimate nature of getting to know the team better and all the conversations we have had about why this is such an important exhibition. I look forward to use doing it all again next year.


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