Koestler exhibition volunteer review: W.T.F.



In the painting W.T.F., a guy is sitting in the corner of the room crying and grabbing his head, with a letter crumpled up and an envelope ripped in a rush on the floor. A bad news, or maybe even a tragedy has happened to his family. But he is inside, has no ability to control and help the things happened and people he loved on the outside world, but to accept them frustratingly. During the tour, the tour guide told us a story: once he was conducting a tour, a visitor recognized the space in this painting and said he was in the same prison before. The details of the prison space are depicted very precisely, which evoked this visitor’s memory. Maybe he experienced the same feeling as the artist, hopeless, desperate, lonely… (Yunzi, Giulia, Robert)


We Are All Human is an exhibition showcasing artwork produced in the UK’s prisons, secure hospitals and immigration removal centres, and by ex-offenders in the community.

The display includes painting, music, writing and ceramics as well as traditional prison crafts such as matchstick modelling. The 2016 annual UK Koestler exhibition has been curated by writer and dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah who has selected from over 6,000 artworks submitted to the 2016 Koestler Awards.


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