Urban: Celebrating Street Culture this weekend

This weekend at Southbank Centre, we celebrate our urban playground with a weekend of performances and workshops including BMX, parkour, street dance, hip-hop, graffiti, street art and basketball. So if you want to show off your moves at breaking, popping or locking, get trained in the art of freerunning or have a go at making your mark with some street art, come along and get involved!

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Across the weekend, BMXers, DJs, free runners, break dancers, hip-hop and soul musicians as well as poets will take part with pop-up performances, workshops, gigs, battles and block parties. And you can experience, participate and share the energy, talent and skills of these stunning urban performers.

Here are some of the highlights:

UK premiere from Pierre Rigal, one of the most exciting choreographers working in Europe, of his hip-hop dance show Standards.

A BMX battle on the Clore Ballroom of Royal Festival Hall, where tricks reign above all… One Wheel Motion present two teams of five BMXers who battle it out to be the crowned champions.

The world leaders in parkour, Parkour Generations, show us how it’s done with their visually stunning and physically explosive displays.

Throw some shapes as you learn the iconic choreography to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Street art spreads across the site over the weekend – come and have a go, and who knows, you might even prove yourself to be the next Banksy, Grems or Phlegm!

Flex those muscles and help pedal to keep the projector going as we screen iconic skate, BMX, parkour and graffiti films under Hungerford Bridge.

To see all the events coming up this weekend in Urban: Celebrating Street Culture, see here.

Urban: Celebrating Street Culture is part of Southbank Centre’s Festival of Neighbourhood with MasterCard.


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