The Huddle WITH (OUT)

The Huddle are a group of young people aged 16-20 who meet regularly around the Hayward Gallery and Southbank Centre to discuss ideas, see exhibitions and create our own work in response. We work with artists contributing to exhibitions around the Southbank Centre and, occasionally, elsewhere. We work with Daniel Wallis, an artist contributing to the WITH (OUT) exhibition at Brockspace, on a regular basis and were invited to the exhibition by its curator. We were also asked to create some work in response to what we saw, which they could then put up on their website.

The Huddle visited the WITH (OUT) exhibition at Brockspace, a flat that has been turned into a gallery in South London, and had a chance to speak with the curators and the artists. The exhibition had an international theme with the artists hailing from different countries and creating art around their cultural identities. The space was wonderful because it still felt very much like a flat despite being an exhibition space.

Part of the reason for this was the personal items like sofas and books that remained in the flat. The curators offering us tea and biscuits helped to create homey atmosphere. When we brainstormed ideas for what we could create, we found ourselves being repeatedly drawn to the books in the Brockspace flat and the way they were organised by colour.

This led to a discussion on the many, differing ways we organise our things. Some organise books by height or meaning, other order their music collection by when they bought their CD’s, while others yet were convinced there was only one way people organised their cutlery.

We thought about how we organised things around the home and how we could possibly re-organise them; books by emotional meaning, fruit by colour, fridges by use, art materials by type.

We’re asking people to upload photos of items that they have organised to our Facebook page. We will use these images to create a new artwork that will be displayed on the Brockspace website.

Do you organise by colour, by height, by use, chronologically, alphabetically, randomly, aesthetically…? Show us by uploading a photo to The Huddle WITH (OUT) Facebook page. Here’s one of the photos we’ve already received – books organised by colour:

Books Ordered by Colour

Written by Huddle member Eva Tumel


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