The Kids Are Taking Over!

Imagine Banner

Imagine Children’s Festival is for children by children. For 2013 Imagine is back with an amazing line-up of authors, performances, workshops and free events, as chosen by a panel of children for children. This year, all the illustrations for Imagine Children’s Festival have been created by illustrator Jon Burgerman with the help of the Festival Ideas Cloud.

The Festival Ideas Cloud is made up of 32 children from eight local schools and this year this group have helped to plan our 2013 Imagine children’s festival.

First of all the group helped us to choose an illustrator. The children reviewed previous marketing campaigns for the festival and commented on the different types and styles of illustration that they liked…and most importantly that they wanted to see used this year! It was their advice that led us to select Jon Burgerman to work with.

Imagine Ideas Cloud

The Imagine Ideas Cloud get inspiration from the illustrations of Jon Burgerman

After helping to choose the illustrator the children began imagining and designing characters of their own that would represent the festival:

We then sent all of the children’s work to Jon who worked with all the drawings to create our very own Imagine team of monsters to represent the festival:

Imagine Team

Finally, the children worked in six different groups to come up with names for the monsters and also decided what their favourite food is, where they are from and what their hobbies are:

Find out more about Imagine Children’s Festival including a full line-up of events on our website.


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